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June 20, 7:30 p.m.

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                                          About The San Diego Shell Club

       Founded in 1961, The San Diego Shell Club is a non-profit organization organized and
    operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes and more particularly to
    enjoy, promote the study, and further the conservation of Mollusca and associated marine
    life, by both lectures, club meetings, and field trips. Our membership is varied and includes
    beginning collectors, advanced amateurs and scientists, divers and underwater
    photographers, and dealers.

      The Club supports scientific publications, museums, and student grants, and members
    participate in a variety of scientific projects and expeditions.  Many donate time as
    associates to various museums, such as the San Diego Natural History Museum, the
    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and the Santa Barbara Museum of
    Natural History.  Members also serve as guest lecturers at schools, senior centers, dive
    clubs, and other organizations.  

       The San Diego Shell Club has also lent its support to the Greater San Diego Science
    Fair since 1972 by awarding prizes in the category of marine life, offered occasional
    student grants such as the Anthony D'Attilio grant, and contributed to the Western Society
    of Malacologists student grant.  

       The Festivus:  The Club has regularly published The Festivus, a peer-reviewed
    publication, since 1970. Each issue of The Festivus includes articles on subjects related to
    malacology and shell collecting, as well as updates on Club events and book reviews.  The
    Festivus is distributed worldwide to both members and member institutions, as well as on
    an exchange basis. It is published eleven times each year except December, with
    occasional supplements.

       Meetings: The Club has nine regular meetings each year featuring guest speakers
    and three social events: an April Auction/Potluck, a September Fall party, and a Christmas
    Dinner party.  

      Membership Dues: Membership dues are $20.00 (domestic), $30 Canada and Mexico
    (airmail), and $50.00 (overseas, airmail).

      Associate Memberships: The San Diego Shell Club is a member of national
    organizations such as American Malacological Society, Western Society of Malacologists,
    and Conchologists of America.

    We welcome inquiries about upcoming Club events, The Festivus, guest speakers, or
    membership.  Questions about these or other related subjects can be directed to Carole
    Hertz or Jules Hertz at

                                                        Club Meeting Information
                                           Meetings are held at  7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month and include a
                                                 session of Club business, followed by a guest lecture on a topic related to malacology,
                                       shell collecting, or general marine science. Non-members with an interest in the evening's
                                           lecture or who are interested in joining the Club are welcome.
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January 16, 2014.

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