The Festivus:
                                                         A Publication of The San Diego Shell Club

                                                 The Festivus, the publication of The San Diego Shell Club, is in its 43rd
                                          year of continuous publication, with eleven issues published annually (no
                                                December issue), plus occasional supplements, usually larger in size and
                                          scope. Thirteen supplements have been published, with nine available for
                                          sale. The monthly issues include Club news, general information on such subjects
                                          as shell collecting trips, methods for cleaning shells and methods of dredging,
                                          as well as scientific articles on systematics, distributional information on various
                                          species, and field and aquarium observations.

                                                 The Festivus strives to bridge the gap between club newsletters and
                                          scientific journals.  Unlike newsletters, The Festivus does not include chatty news
                                          about members, poetry, solicitations for shell exchanges, advertisements, puzzles
                                          or cartoons, and does not print previously published articles. In 1985 a review
                                          board of professional malacologists, now numbering thirteen, was organized to
                                          evaluate serious articles submitted for publication. The Festivus, however, does
                                          not at this time publish articles on new taxa.                                       

                                                 The Festivus is distributed to subscribers worldwide. Membership and
                                           subscriptions are $20.00 per year domestic, $50.00 overseas (air mail), $30.00
                                           Canada and Mexico (air mail) . Back issues are available for sale, although
                                           some issues are obtainable only as photocopies. For prices of back issues see
                                           Supplements.  For subscription/membership, send a check to:

                                                                         The San Diego Shell Club
                                                                         3883 Mt. Blackburn Ave.
                                                                         San Diego, CA 92111, USA.