History of Participation & Accomplishments

Year History Event
1961 San Diego Shell Club founded.
1962 Club is awarded Don Diego Trophy at Del Mar Fair for the outstanding first place Blue Ribbon in club division.
1963 – 1968 Club supports Dr. Rudolph Stohler at the University of California at Berkeley by participating in field study to determine growth of Olivella biplicata at the mouth of the Flood Control Channel in San Diego’s Mission Bay.
1964 Club is awarded Special Gold Ribbon Award and Blue Ribbon for first prize at Del Mar Fair for shell displays.
1965 Club hosts American Malacological Union (AMU) – Pacific Division convention in San Diego.
1969 Club prepares a special exhibit in honor of San Diego’s 200th anniversary. Exhibit consists of cases of shells aquaria and many drawings and is displayed for several months at the San Diego Museum of Natural History.
1970 Club initiates The Festivus continuously publishing 11 issues a year plus occasional supplements. Distribution is world-wide to institutions and individuals; articles are peer reviewed and referenced in the Zoological Record.
1971 A  group of Club members participates in the Ameripagos Expedition to the Islas Galápagos.
1972 Club begins participation as judges and awards prizes at Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair.
1973 Club prepares a large exhibit of marine mollusks featuring over 17 displays for the main lobby of the San Diego Central Public Library. The exhibit is so successful that it is then transferred to the San Diego Natural History Museum.
1975 Club hosts combined meeting of the Western Society of Malacologists (WSM) and the American Malacological Union (AMU) in San Diego.
1981 Club hosts annual meeting of WSM at San Diego State University.
1987 Club hosts annual meeting of WSM at San Diego State University.
1988 A group of Club members arrange and participate in Grupo Victorian Expedition to the Islas Galápagos.
1989 Club hosts annual meeting of the Conchologists of America (COA) in San Diego.
1990 Club coordinates Anthony D’Attilio Student Research Grant Award ($1000) donated by member Annita Levine."
1991 Club Publishes Supplement "Additions to the Panamic Province Bivalve Literature 1971-1990" 169 pages by C Skoglund.
1992 Club donates funds for student grants in coordination with WSM and other shell clubs. Club publishes supplement on "Additions to the Panamic Province Gastropod Literature 1971 to 1992" by C. Skoglund.
1993 Club hosts the WSM at the Radisson Hotel in La Jolla California.
1995 Club hosts annual meeting of the Conchologists of America (COA) in San Diego.
1996 Club hosts the WSM at the Handlery Hotel & Resort in San Diego.                                                       
1997 Club publishes "The Recent Molluscan Marine Fauna of the Islas Galapagos" 67 pages by K. Kaiser.
1998 Club publishes Anthony  D'attilio  Memorial  issue.
2001 Club  publishes "The Recent Molluscan Marine Fauna of Isla de Malpelo Colombia" 149 pages by K. Kaiser and  C. Bryce.
2002 Club publishes supplement on"Panamic Province Molluscan Literature 1971- 2001".  286 pages by C. Skoglund.  Club supports WSM student grant program.
2003 Club supports WSM meeting in San Diego.
2006 Joint WSM and AMS meeting in San Diego.
2007 Club members participate in Western Society of Malacologists in La Paz Mexico.  The late David Mulliner SDSC member and twice past president of WSM is honored. Club publishes supplement on "The Recent Molluscan Fauna of Ile Clipperton" 162 pages by K. Kaiser.
2008 Club embarks upon Mission Bay mollusk study.  
2009 Club publishes a special issue "Chitons known from the benthic monitoring program in the Southern California Bight" by T. Stebbins and D. Eernisse.
2010 Joint meeting of Western Society of Malacologists  and American Society of Malacology is held in San Diego.  Presidents of both WSM Dr. G. Kennedy and  ASM Dr. D. Eernisse  are SDSC members.
2012 Dr. James McLean is presented the Festivus Life Time Achievement Award for his contributions to malacology and information.
2014 The Festivus publication becomes quarterly. The format is updated and becomes available world-wide as either a electronic or hard copy. Eugene Coan and Paul Valentich – Scott are presented  The Festivus Life Time Achievement Award for their contributions to malacology and conchology. Club publishes a special supplement "Icongraphy of the Haliotis Species and Subspecies of Australia and New Zealand" 81 pages by Buzz Owen & Robert Kershaw. The SDSC website is completely revitalized.
2015 Club offers a $1000 award for the best student presentation given at a SDSC meeting. Club publishes "The Living and Fossil Busycon Whelks Iconic Mollusks of the Eastern North America"  by E. Petuch R. Myers and D. Berschauer. The SDSC website is completely revitalized. The San Diego Shell Club establishes an annual exhibition at the San Diego County Fair.
2016 SDSC holds the first West Coast Shell Show in May.  The Festivus Life Time Achievement award was awarded to two individuals: Buzz Own in Northern California for his contribution on the biogeography of Abalone and Dr. Edward Petuch of Florida for his contribution of the study of western Atlantic gastropods.