Festivus 2014

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Volume XLVI (1).  January 9, 2014

Program for January 16, 2014, Meeting
“Plants, Vertebrates, Bugs and Slugs: The Crossing Geographic and Taxonomic Paths of Five Naturalists,” by Dr. Hans Bertsch.

Peer Reviewed Articles
Report on the Micro and Minute Marine Mollusks of the Tamarindo Area of Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica and Comments about Panamic Mollusks contained in the LACM Collection,” by Shawn G. Wiedrick, 3-16.

Volume XLVI (2). February 13, 2014

Program for February 20, 2014, Meeting
“Update on the Marine Fossil Record of Downtown San Diego,” by Dr. George L. Kennedy.

Articles of General Interest

“The 18th Annual Meeting of the Southern California Unified Malacologists (SCUM),” by Carole Hertz, 20.

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Composition and Community Structure of Soft Bottom Mollusks in Isla San Francisco, Golfo de California, Mexico,” by Arturo Tripp-Quezada, Arturo Tripp-Valdez, Marcial Villalejo-Fuerte & Federico Garcia-Dominguez, 21-25.

Volume 46 (3). May 16, 2014

2014 May FestivusProgram for March 20, 2014, Meeting
“Molluscan Fauna of Aruba,” by David Berschauer.

Program for May 15, 2014, Meeting
“Fossil and Recent Muracypraea of the Caribbean Basin and Adjacent Areas of South America,” by Lindsey T. Groves.

Articles of General Interest

“Taxanomic Note: Jaspidiconus berschaueri,” Petuch & Myers 2014, 30.

“The Shell Club Auction/Pot Luck 2014,” by Larry Buck, 31-32.

“Taxanomic Note: Chicomurex lani”, Houart,” by Moe & Chen 2014, 33.

“Hybrid Abalone of Baja California, Mexico,” by Bernard Johnston, 34-38.

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Review of the Genera Otitoma (Jousseaume, 1880) and Thelecytharella (Shuto, 1969) with the Description of Two New Species (Gastropoda: Conoidea: Pseudomelatomidae) from the Pacific Ocean,” by Shawn Wiedrick 40-53.

“A survey of Mollusks Collected in Aruba,” by David P. Berschauer, 54-62.

“New Species and Subspecies of Olive Shells (Gastropoda: Olividae) from the Panamic and Indo-Pacific Regions and the Gulf of Mexico,” by Edward Petuch and Robert F. Myers, 63-74.

“Mollusks Found in Hydrothermal Vents of Okinawa Trough: Extreme Species Lining in a Poisonous Paradise,” by Chong Chen, 75-81.

Volume 46(4). August 8, 2014

Festivus CoverNewProgram for June 19, 2014, Meeting
“Sumi Painting with Ink obtained from Plicopurpura pansa,” by Lauris Phillips.

Program for July 17, 2014, Meeting
No Presentation Scheduled

Peer Reviewed Articles

Review of Two Extremely Rare Australian Fossil Cowries,” by David B. Waller, 86-89.

“A New Eclogavena (Gastropoda: Cypraeidae) from the Northern Sulu Sea, Philippines,” by Edward Petuch and Robert F. Myers, 90-95.

“A Brief Review of an Iconography of the Haliotis Species and Subspecies of Australia and New Zealand – Including Notes on Current Largest Recorded Specimens,” by Buzz Owen and Robert Kershaw, 96-112.

“Doris montereyensis and Peltodoris nobilis (Gasropoda: Nudipleura) in Mexico: Eliminating Political Boundaries in Marine Biogeography,” by Hans Bertsch, 113-114.

“A New Vasticardium (Bivalvia: Cardiidae) from Vietnam,” by Nguyen Ngoc Thach, 115-120.

Articles of General Interest

“Rediscovery of Monetaria caputserpentis doroalbida (Williams, 1914),” by Thierry Vulliet, 124-125.

“Disentangling the Hidden Biodiversity of the Genus Jaspidiconus,” by Andre Poremski, 126-129.

“Marty Beals Shellarama – June 2014,” by Larry Buck, 130-132.

“San Diego Shell Club Shell Bazaar,” by David Berschauer, 133.

“In Memoriam Barbara Wilkenson Myers, August 25, 1923 – June 27, 2014,” by Carole Hertz, 134-139.

Volume 46(5). November 1, 2014

2014 November FestivusProgram for August Meeting
Determining Abundance, Density, and Habitat Availability in Southern California of the Black Abalone, by Kari Eckdahl.

Program for October Meeting
The Paleodistribution of Shells in the Southern California and Panamic Region, by Dr. Paul Tuskes.

General Meeting November 15, 2014
Shell Auction

Peer Reviewed Articles

“A New Vasticardium (Bivalvia:Cardiidae) from Vietman,” by Nguyen N. Thach, 145-148.

“The Culture of a “Four Species” Haliotis Hybrid in a Marine Shellfish Hatchery,” by Buzz Owen, 150-157.

“Biodiversity in La Reserva de la Biosfera Bahia de los Angeles y Canales de Ballenas y Salsipuedes: Naming of a New Genus, Range Extensions and new Records, and Species List of Heterobranchia (Mollusca: Gastropoda), with Comments on Biodiversity Conservation within Marine Reserves,” by Hans Bertsch, 158-177.

DNA Study on Olive Shells: How Accurate is our Knowledge of the Genus Oliva Bruguiere, 1789? The Case of Oliva Iacertina,” by Giorgio Strano, 178-184.

Articles of General Interest

“Baja in Purple: Plicopurpura pansa,” by Lauris Phillips, 187-191.

“2014 Conchologists of America  Meeting in Wilmington, N.C.,” by Anne Joffe, 192.

“A Tiny Shell on a Big Beach: Turbonilla macouni in San Diego County,” by Robyn Waayers, 193.

“Notes Regarding Stephanoconus bartschi in the Gulf of California,” by Richard J. McClincy, 194.

“Shell Images from Marty Beals’ Shellarama in June 2014”, 197.

“Shell Show and Sale, August 2013,” by Martin Schuler, 198.

“San Diego Shell Club September Party,” by David P. Berschauer, 199.