Festivus 2015

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Volume 47 (1). February 10, 2015

2015 February FestivusPeer Review Articles

“Review of the Genus Carinapex Dall, 1924 with the Description of Ten New Species (Gastropoda:Conoidea: Horaiclavdae) from the Pacific Ocean,” by Shawn G. Wiedrick 5-28.

“Description of a New Subspecies of Chicoreus (Triplex) cnissodus cnissodus (Euthyme, 1889)(Gastropoda, Muricidae) from Sri Lanka,” by Roland Houart 29-35.

“Taxonomic Note – New Species of Latiaxis nippooleifera Chino, 2014,” by Spyridon Pavlividis 35.

“World Record Specimens of Haliotis Species of the West Coast of North America – a Brief Description and Photo Study,” by Buzz Owen 36-50.

“Description of a New Species from the Brazilian Province: Dalliconus edpetuchi,” by Eric Monnier, Loic Limpalaer, Christophe Roux & David P. Berschauer 51-66.

Articles of General Interest                

Recollection of a Neophyte Shell Collector, by Bill Schramm.

Book review:  Biogeography and Biodiversity of Western Atlantic Mollusks, by David Berschauer.

Red Abalone, Candidate for State Mollusk, by Larry Buck.

Taxonomic Note – New Species: Chicomurex globus and C. pseudosuperbus, by Chong Chen.

In Memoriam Carole Christine Skogland, 1924-2015, by Carole Hertz.

Volume 47(2).  May 6, 2015

2015 May FestivusPeer Review Articles    

“Observations Regarding the Biology of Pteropurpura trialata,” by Paul Tuskes & Ann Tuskes 85-93.

Vepricardium eichhorsti, a New Species from Vietnam (Bivalvia:Cardiidae),” by Nguyen Ngoc Thach 95-98.

“A Compairson of Adaptive Radiation in Conidae and Conilithidae (Gastropoda: Conoidea) in the Eastern and Western Atlantic, Together with an Iconography of the Conilithid Genus Jaspidiconus” by, David Berschauer 99-113.

“A New Cypraeid Subspecies and a New Morum from the Brazilian Molluscan Province, by Edward Petuch & Robert Myers 115-125.

“Abalone Without Holes: A Photo Iconography and Study of a Rare Morphological Variant of Haliotis (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda),” by Buzz Owen, Brian N. Tissot & David L. Leighton 126-136.

Articles of General Interest

Hawaiian Tree Snails, by David Rolfe. 

Taxonomic Note – New Species: Poremskiconus mariaodetae, by Edward Petuch & Robert Myers.

Taxonomic Note – New Species: Lyncina alicae, by David Lum.

Volume 47(3).  August 1, 2015

2015 August FestivusPeer Review Articles

Two New Species and one New Subspecies of Amphidromus (Gastropoda: Camaenidae) from Thailand,” by Chorchat Cra-tes 155-166.

“Laboratory Studies of Hybridization in California Abalone (Haliotis),” by Buzz Owen & Richard Meyer 167-194.

“Two New Species of Tenorioconus (Gastropoda:Conidae) from Aruba,” by Edward Petuch and David Berschauer 195-205.

Articles of General Interest

Carol Skoglund and Gradiconus skoglundae, by John Tucker.

My Pet Cowrie – Macroypraea cervus L. 1771, by Tammy Myers.

Mission Bay Mysteries, by Robyn Waayers.

San Diego Shell Club at the Fair, by Paul Tuskes.

Volume 47(4). November 6, 2015

Festivus Cover FinalPeer Review Articles

“Additions to the Cone Shell Fauna of Australia and Aruba (Conidae, Conilithidae),” by Petuch, Berschauer and Poremski 219-228.

“What are Species? Or, on Asking the Wrong Question,” by Kirk Fitzhugh 229-239.

Bertia setzeri, a New Species of Land Snail from Vietnam (Gastropoda:Stylommatophora:Dyakiidae), by Nguyen Ngoc Thach  240-242.

“Iconography and Distribution of the Cape Verde island Abalone, Haliotis tuberculata fernandesi with Comparison to H. tuberculata coccinea of the Canary Islands,” Buzz Owens, Peter Ryall and Aaron D. Pan 243-249.

“Jaspidiconus: What are the Options,” by John K. Tucker 250-255.

Articles of  General Interest

William Swainson F.R.S, F.L.S,  by Mary Wotton.

Shelling on the Gulf Coast of Florida (Part 1 of 2), by Robyn Waayers.