Festivus 2016

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Volume 48 (1). February 1, 2016

2016 February FestivusPeer Review Articles

“The Talostolida pellucens Complex in the Tropical Eastern Pacific: In Perspective (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeidae),” by John D. Daughenbaugh and Marty Beals 4-16.

Corbicula fluminea (O.F. Mullere, 1774), an Invasive Bivalve Mollusk, First Identified at Numerous Sites in Bangladesh,” by Gulshan Ara Latifa, Abu Tweb Abu Ahme, Md. Sagir Ahmed, Mohammed Abdul Baki and Md. Muzammel Hossain 17-22.

“A Study on Olive Shells-2: Oliva Hirasei Kuroda & Habe, 1952, and  Its New Subspecies from Pangandaran Bay, Java, Indonesia,” by Giorgio Strano 23-31.

Pteropurpura festiva (Hinds, 1844) in Monterey Bay,” by Roger N. Clark 32.

“A Review of the Haliotis rugosa Lamark, 1822, Complex of the Western Indian Ocean, with Notes on the Subspecies Status of Haliotis multiperforata Review, 1846,” by Buzz Owen and Aaron D. Pan 33-43.

“Mutant Sinistrality in the Polygyridae; an Update,” by Harry G. Lee 44-51.

“Commercially Driven Taxonomy: The Necessity of Knowing Species” by Stephen J. Maxwell and Tasmin L. Rymer 52-53.

Articles of General Interest                

Shelling on the Gulf Coast of Florida, by Robyn Waayers 56-61.

Bulla gouldiana Pilsbury, 1895 off Santa Barbara Island, by Laurel Silver-Valker 62.

How I Started Collecting Cowries, by William Schramm 63-64.

Book Review: Molluscan Communities of the Florida Keys and Adjacent Areas: Their Ecology and Biodiversity, by David P. Berschauer 65.

Uncle David Left Me What?, by David Waller 66-67.

In Memorium – Laurel Silver-Valker, by David P. Berschauer 68.

Volume 48 (2). May 2, 2016

Festivus_MayCover_SinglePeer Review Articles

“Notes on Some Little Known Arctic Alaskan Mollusks,” by Roger Clark 73-83.

“A Review of the Haliotis of Yemen and Oman with Description of a New Species Haliotis arabiensis, from Oman and United Arab Emirates, ” by Buzz Owen, Wilco Regter & Kristen Van Laethem 84-92.

“A New Species of Cone Shell (Gastropoda: Conidae) from the Saharan Coast of Northwestern Africa,” by Edward J. Petuch and David P. Berschauer 93-99.

“Letter to the editor regarding: “Commercially driven taxonomy: The necessity of knowing species; by Stephen J. Maxwell and Tasmin L. Rymer,” by John K. Tucker  100-103.

“A New Species of Harpa (Gastropoda: Harpidae) from the Coral Sea Archipelagos of Queensland Australia,” by David P. Berschauer and Edward J. Petuch 104-108.

Camaena abbasi, a new species (Gastropoda: Camaenidae) from Indonesia,” by Nguyen Ngoc Thach 109-112.

“New species of Amphidromus (Syndromus) from northern Meratus Mountains, Kalimantan,” by Jeff Parsons 113-124.

Articles of General Interest                

Green Abalone Restoration: A Recipe for Success, by Nancy Caruso 126-131.

Book Review: The Living and Fossil Busycon Whelks: Iconic Mollusks of Eastern North America, by Tammy L. Myers 132.

The Collector’s Catch-22 , by David Waller 133-134.

Taxonomic Note: Presumed hybrid Eustrombus gigas x Macrostrombus costatus, 135.

 April Auction and Potluck, by Bob Abela, 136.

Shell-O-Rama 2016, by David P. Berschauer and David Waller 138.

Volume 48 (3). August 1, 2016

Festivus_August2016Cover_Front_WEBPeer Review Articles

“White Chestnut Cowrie Neobernaya spadicea,” by Paul Tuskes 145-147.

Haliotis arabiensis Owen et al., 2016 Specimens from Oman in the Naturalis Museum, Leiden, The Netherlands, Incorrectly Identified as H. varia Linnaeus, 1758, and H. Pustulata Reeve, 1846″ by Buzz Owen and Wilco Regter 148-151.

“Description of a New Species Marginella: Marginella spadix from the East Coast Province, South Africa,” by Stephan G. Veldsman 152-158.

“The “Cambrian Explosion”- a study of the abnormally large population of Halotis kamtschatkana kamtschatkana / kamtschatkana  assimilis “integrades” following species decline due to several years of unusually warm temperatures in San Luis Obispo County, California,” by Buzz Owen  159-165.

Nutricola lordi (Baird, 1863) [Bivalvia: Veneridae] depth extension recorded in Puget Sound, Washington,” by Angela Eagleston and Paul Valentich-Scott 166-167.

Viduoliva tricolor abbasi, new subspecies (Gastropoda: Olividae) from Indonesia,” by Nguyen Ngoc Thach and David P. Berschauer 168-171.

“Five New Species of Jaspidiconus Petuch, 2004 (Conilithidae: Conilithinae) from the Caribbean Molluscan Province,” by  Edward Petuch, David P. Berschauer, and André Poremski 172-178.

“Some spotted cone shells (subfamily Conilithinae) from the East Pacific region,” by John K. Tucker 179-182.

“A New Species of Miliariconus Tucker and Tenorio, 2009 (Conidae: Puncticulinae) from the Northern Red Sea,” by Edward Petuch and David P. Berschauer 183-187.

Articles of General Interest                

Olive Shells Don’t Care What You Call Them, by Richard L. Goldberg 189-192.

Red Abalone Out Plant Project, by Arjay Raffety, 193-198.

Attack Behavior of the King Helmet Cassis tuberosa and Avoidance Behavior of the Long-Spine Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum, by Paul Tuskes 199-201.

Diving the Horseshoe, by Paul Kanner 202-203.

West Coast Shell Show-2016, by Lisa Lindahl 204-205.

Dad they’re just shells, by David Waller 206.

November 2016 front cover 1Volume 48 (4). November 4, 2016

Peer Review Articles

“Native Pteropurpura of the Eastern Pacific (Muricidae),” by Paul Tuskes and Ann Tuskes 211-220.

“Checklist of Freshwater Mollusca (Gastropoda and Bivalvia) Recorded from the Buriganga and Turag Rivers, Dhaka, Bangladesh,” by Mohammad Abdul Baki, Md. Muzammel Hossain and Naser Ahmed Bhouiyan 221-228.

“Some cone shells with nodules that persist at least into middle whorls (subfamilies Conilithinae and Coninae) from the East Pacific region,” by John K. Tucker 229-234.

“A new subspecies of Amphidromus (Goniodromus) bulowi Fruhstorfer, 1905 (Gatropoda: Pulmonata: Camaenidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia,” by Jeff Parsons and John Abbas 235-247.

“A new species of Vasticardium (Bivalvia: Cardiidae) from Queensland, Australia,” by Stephen J. Maxwell, Bradley C. Congdon and Tasmin L. Rymer 248-252.

“Camaena chuongi, a new species (Gastropoda: Camaenidae) from Vietnam,” by Nguyen Ngoc Thach 253-256.

“Six new Species of Gastropods (Fasciolariidae, Conidae, and Conilithidae) from Brazil, ” by Edward J. Petuch and David P. Berschauer 257-266.

“An iconography of the western Indian endemic abalone Haliotis unilateralis Lamarck, 1822 (Vetigastropoda: Haliotidae) with notes on its taxonomic history, distribution, ecology, and evolution,” by Buzz Owen and Aaron D. Pan 267-277.

Articles of General Interest                

You Can’t Take Them With You, by David B. Waller 279-280.

2016 COA Convention in Chicago, David B. Waller 281.