Festivus 2017

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Volume 49 (1). February 1, 2017

P2017 Feb Festivus covereer Review Articles

“Narrow-range taxa of Cerion (Mollusca: Cerionidae) in the northeastern province of Cuba,” by Adrian Gonzalez-Guillen, Alejandro Fernandez-Velazquez, Luis A. Lajonchere-Ponce de leon and David P. Berschauer 3-17.

Haliotis kamtschatkana Jonas, 1845-a Single Species, not a pair of Subspecies,” by Buzz Owen and Arjay Raffety 18-32.

“A three hour tour-reflection on Shelling Sint Maarten as a Port during a Cruise,” by David P. Berschauer 33-38.

“An Iconography of Haliotis volhynica Eichwald, 1829 and description of a new species of Haliotis from the middle Miocene of Ukraine,” by Buzz Owen and David P. Berschauer 39-44.

“Three New Gastropods (Cypraeidae, Fasciolariidae and Volutidae) from the Great Australian Bight,” by Edward J. Petuch, David P. Berschauer and David B. Waller 45-51

“Two New Genera of Olive Shells (Gastropoda: Olividae)” by Edward J. Petuch and David P. Berschauer 52-55.

Articles of General Interest                

Shelling and Molluscan Photography in Northern California and Oregon, by Robyn Waayers 57-63.

Curious Shell Stories, by William Schramm 64-66.

In Memoriam – Margaline Lee Lindahl, by Lisa Lindahl 67.

Book Review: Vietnamese New Mollusks – Sea Shells, Land Snails, Cephalopods with 59 New Species 68.

In Memoriam – William K. Emerson (1925-2016) by Paula M. Mikkelsen and Neil H. Landman 69.

2016 San Diego Shell Club Holiday Party by Lisa Lindahl 71.

James Hamilton McLean 1936-2016: Master of the Gastropoda by Lindsey Groves 73.

Volume 49 (2). May 2, 2017

2017 Mat Festivus coverPeer Review Articles

“Description of four new species of Marginellidae from the East Coast Province, South Africa: Marginella nigromaculata, M. persicum, M. rubescens and M. ignifer,” by Stephan G. Veldsman 81-97.

“The Cypraeidae of the Southeast Atlantic Vema Seamount (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeidae),” by John D. Daughenbaugh 98-109.

“What’s in a name – the Florida Horse Conch,” by David P. Berschauer 110-116.

“Identification Guide and Iconography of Eastern Pacific Hybrid Abalone Shells (Genus Haliotis) Part 1 of 2,” by Buzz Owen and Arjay Raffety 117-135.

“A New Athleta Volute from Nambia, Southwestern Africa,” by Edward J. Petuch and David P. Berschauer 136-139

Articles of General Interest                

The shelling in tidal pools of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) by Benito Jose Munoz Sanchez 141-146.

The San Diego Shell Club Auction by Leo Kempczenski 147.