Pteropurpura trialata 76 mm

Pteropurpura trialata 76 mm

THE FESTIVUS is the official quarterly publication of the San Diego Shell Club, Inc. and is issued in February, May, August and November as part of membership dues. The Festivus publishes articles that are peer reviewed by our volunteer Scientific Review Board (which are of a scientific nature, including the description of new taxa), as well as articles of general interest to malacologists, conchologists, and shell collectors of every level. Members of the Peer Review Board are selected to review individual articles based upon their chosen field and preference.

ARTICLE SUBMISSION: Please assure that articles for submission comply with the rules as enumerated in the Guidelines for Authors (see printable version of guidelines below). In addition, if the article describes a new taxa, please assure that it complies with the rules enumerated in Guidelines for New Taxa (see printable version of guidelines below). Submit articles to Editor, David Berschauer, shellcollection@hotmail.com. All correspondence pertaining to articles, including all submissions and artwork should be addressed to the San Diego Shell Club, Inc., Editorial Board, P.O. Box 230988, Encinitas, CA 92023.

PAST ISSUES of The Festivus may be purchased for $10 plus postage.

ADVERTISING in The Festivus is presented as a service to our membership and to supplement publication costs. Advertising does not imply endorsement by the San Diego Shell Club, Inc. or its officers. Advertising space is available at the following rates: Black and White – ½ page $300, ¼ page $150 or  page $75, Color – ½ page $500, ¼ page $250 or 1/8 page $125. Deadline for submitting advertisements is the 15th day of the month prior to publication (i.e., January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th). Submit advertisements to the Advertising Director, David Waller at dwaller@dbwipmg.com.

The Festivus (Membership) is distributed electronically to subscribers worldwide for $20.00 per year. To receive a hardcopy of The Festivus by mail, the following charges apply: $35 (Domestic), $60 (Foreign and outside the continental United States).   Dues and Supplements can be paid through Pay Pal at SDShellClub@gmail.com

pdficon Guidelines for Authors

pdficon Guidelines for the Description of New Taxa in The Festivus