The San Diego Shell Club is a resource for our members to obtain a variety of information through experts within our membership. For additional information, the Club has provided a listing of other organizations, institutions, societies and websites on the Internet for your convenience. If you click on any of the titles below, you will be transferred to that site.

A Biotic Database of Indo-Pacific Marine Mollusks A site providing access to nomenclatural, distribution, and ecological information on Indo-Pacific mollusks.

A Conidae Website A website for information on Conidae by A. Medvedev.

A Coralliophilidae Website A website for information on Coralliophilidae which includes Coralliopilia and Latiaxis.

A Cypraeidae Website A website providing information on Cypraeidae including location maps and dealers.

A Pectinidae Website A website for information on Pectinidae, Propeamussiidae, Cyclochlamydidae and Entoliidae.

A Strombidae Website A website for information on Strombidae (including fossil Strombidae) by Ulrich Wieneke, Han Stoutjesdijk, Philippe Simonet and Virgilio Liverani.

American Malacological Society An international society promoting interest in the study and conservation of mollusks.

An Ovulidae Website A website for information on Ovulidae.

Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum A widely known shell museum located in Sanibel, Florida.

Biology Browser A web site providing resources for the life sciences information community.

Biographical Etymology of Marine Organisms (BEMON) Biographies of taxonomists and other experts on marine organisms.

Bishop Museum in Honolulu Hawaii Malacology Database

Bivalves of the British Isles A website for information on the marine bivalves of the British Isles.

California Academy of Sciences A museum and research society dedicated to exploring, explaining, and protecting the natural world.

Catalog of Life Index of known species.

Chiton Images on the Web Chitons listed by genus and species, with links to web images. A web site by Glenn and Laura Burghardt with information on Chitons and links to web images from their well-known collection.

Chris Myers’ Website A species list of Cypraeidae genera by Chris Myers.

Conchologists of America (COA) A shell society devoted to supporting research and sharing information on mollusks.

Ed Hardy’s Website A database of worldwide marine gastrodpods assembled by E. Hardy.

Encylclopedia Smithsonian: Selected Sources of Information on Mollusks A site listing multi-level books and other information sources on mollusks.

Felix Lorenz’s Website A website for information on Cypraeidae by Dr. F. Lorenz.

Femorale’s Website – Shells by Locality Search A database of seashells organized by locality.

Freshwater Mollusks A website for information on freshwater mollusks by M. Kohl.

Guide to the Marine Molluscs of Tasmania A web site by Simon Grove, with lists of species, photographs, range data, synonyms, and other information about the molluscs of Tasmania.

Hardy’s Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods Hardy’s Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods

Haus der Natur A German website in English language that provides resources to international shell clubs, museums, and publications.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) Taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world.

Let’s Talk Sea Shells! A free membership forum discussing mollusks and shell collecting.

Malacolog A database for research on the systematics, biogeography, and diversity of Western Atlantic mollusks.

Malacological Journals and Newsletters Catalog of world-wide serial publications on mollusks.

Man and Mollusk Information on mollusks for all levels of interest.

Marine Biological Laboratory The site of an international center for research, education, and training in biology, biomedicine, and ecology; information on mollusks and other scientific topics.

Marine Invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest A website for information on the marine invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest.

Marine Species Identification Portal This site offers information on thousands of different species in the world’s oceans and seas.

Mitroidea – Eurasian Shells Website A database of worldwide shells assembled by E. Guillot de Suduiraut.

Mollia Information for malacologists from University of California Berkeley.

Mollusca of New Zealand A website for information on the Mollusca of New Zealand.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) Data tables, maps, and distribution information.

San Diego Natural History Museum A museum devoted to exhibits, research, and education aimed at promoting understanding of the natural history of Southern California and the Baja California peninsula.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History A leading museum, library, and natural history research center.

Sea Shells of Brazil A website for information on the seashells of Brazil.

Sea Shells of Chile A website for information on the seashells of Chile.

Sea Shells of New South Wales A website for information on the seashells of New South Wales.

Southern California Association of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists (SCAMIT) A scientific society devoted to the study of marine invertebrate taxonomy in southern California and in developing a regionally standardized taxonomy.

Systematic Research Collections (Mollusks) List with links to museums and other locations holding collections of recent and fossil Mollusca.

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Malacology Collection

The Cone Collector’s Website A website for information on Conidae by P. Kersten.

The Nautilus A seashell journal.

The Natural History Museum of Rotterdam Mollusca Reference Collection

The Taxonomicon A biodiversity information system providing taxonomic classification and related information.

University of Hawaii Marine Reference Collection

Western Society of Malacologists (WSM) A scientific society dedicated to furthering research in malacology.

Whole Earth Catalog A scientific organization dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years.

World Registry of Marine Species A taxonomic site listing names of marine organisms, including synonymies. A site devoted to providing information about plants and animals in the natural world.

ZooBank A site serving as the official registry of Zoological Nomenclature according to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.