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The new limited edition San Diego Shell Club mugs are available for $15 per mug, or $12 each for 6 or more. Shipping in the U.S via Priority Mail must be determined on a case by case basis and will be based on the weight of the package and the location of delivery. Once these mugs are sold out they will not be produced again. However, a new mug with different images will be produced each year so that you may purchase your favorite or buy the set (first Image is the 2017 mug and second image is the 2016 mug).


2017 SDSC Mugs copy





Marine Invertebrates Book:

Hans bookMarine Invertebrates of Northwest Mexico by Hans Bertsch and Aguilar Rosas. Pricing is available for $75.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.50 in the US). A compendium of biodiversity, presented in bilingual format (English and Spanish) encompassing over 400 pages and 800 species with brilliant full color illustrations; providing descriptions, sizes, habitats, distributions and remarks for each species; and indigenous uses of these marine resources with emphasis on conservation and environmental education. A must have for any west coast marine enthusiast.


Chiton Book:

Chiton Book - front coverChitions: The Polyplacophora from the Mexican Pacific by Adriana Reyes-Gómez is available through the San Diego Shell Club for $25.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.00 in the USA, $5.00 Canada, $8.00 Mexico and $11 Europe). The first comprehensive work on the chitons of Mexico from the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez covering 102 species of chitons living throughout 6 marine biogeographic provinces. This seminal work includes 106 color images of chitons together with detailed information on the habitat and distribution of these fascinating mollusks. This publication is a must have for any chiton enthusiast.


Busycon Book:

Busycon BookThe new hardcover version of The Living and Fossil Busycon Whelks: Iconic Mollusks of Eastern North America, by Edward J. Petuch et al., is now available through the San Diego Shell Club for $100.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.50 in the USA). Come and get your copy of this iconic work. We still have a few remaining spiral bound copies for $80.00. Hurry and get your copy while they last.
“The Living and Fossil Busycon Whelks: Iconic Mollusks of Eastern North America, is the seminal book on Busycon whelks, including all 17 living species and over 100 fossil species. The book contains over 120 color plates and maps with pictures of these fascinating shells. A trip to an open shoreline anywhere along the eastern United States will quickly introduce a beachcomber to the busycon whelks. These iconic American shells are abundant in shallow water areas from Cape Cod south to Florida and throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and are often the most conspicuous large mollusks to wash up onto beaches after storms. Although the busycon whelks are recognized as being one of the most conspicuous and common groups of marine mollusks in eastern North America, their systematic classification and taxonomic nomenclature was uncertain at best. Over the past 100 years, these iconic American mollusks have been placed in no fewer than four different families, underscoring the wide range of professional opinions regarding the systematic placement of this group. These families have included the Melongenidae, Busyconidae, Fasciolariidae, and the Buccinidae. In this book, the authors follow the requirement of total evidence, utilizing several busyconid classification tools, including classic morphological characters such as shell shape, protoconch structure, and periostracal structure, and also the evolutionary history, fossil record, and biogeographical patterns for each genus and species complex, and where available biochemical and DNA studies. These are all combined in different ways to gain insight into a more precise systematic placement of these large and important marine animals. The authors bring together as many aspects of busyconid biology and paleontology as possible, including an iconography of over one hundred color figures representing both the living and fossil species with distribution maps for each living species and subspecies. These data and color images give a higher-resolution view of the origins and evolutionary patterns of this important and iconic American molluscan family.” This book is available in perfect bound or spiral bound versions, so when ordering, please specify which you prefer.


Haliotis Supplement:

Haliotis SupplimentIconography of the Haliotis Species and Subspecies of Australia and New Zealand by Buzz Owen and Robert Kershaw is available through the San Diego Shell Club for $40.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.50 in the USA). Come and get your copy of this iconic work while supplies last. This book is available only in perfect bound.




2016 Pin. $5.00

Limited Edition San Deigo Shell Clug 2017 pin

2017 Pin $7.00

Limited edition 2016 & 2017 San Diego Shell Club pins.